Mike Nivens Bail Bonds - Simply Magic
Methods of Payment Accepted:
Credit Card
Money Orders
We accept all the above and/or any combination of the above. You will find that we will work extra hard with you to do a Bail Bond for you and get you or your loved one out of  jail.
Mike Nivens Bail Bonds
Will Do Financing On Larger Bonds.
If you can not pay the full 10% of a Bond, you may qualify to be financed with a down payment and/or collateral. Depending on the Bond amount, we will accept a down payment and set you up on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. 
Financing all depends on the amount of the Bond, down payment, and/or collateral. You may discuss financing with our highly trained Agents or you can call me directly at:
(417)533-0885 or (573)247-9793.
We will work with you on all Bonds and we will get your loved one out of jail.
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